It is a development program, which gathers key public and private players to act, in a coordinated and cooperative way, in the development and production of high-impact technologies to improve human health, aiming at the competitive insertion of the State of Rio Grande do Sul as a recognized supplier in the national and international markets.


To be internationally recognized as the reference cluster in the generation of knowledge and production of technologies and services for the benefit the human health, boosting economic development and improving the health indicators of the population.


  • Promote the integration of institutions and the implementation of projects and activities that characterize the full introduction of a technology environment and of specialized innovation in human health in the State of Rio Grande do Sul;
  • Bring together sectors of different institutions;
  • Act in the development, retention and attraction of talents;
  • Encourage complementarity;
  • Encourage the innovation of products and services;
  • Develop a governance model;
  • Promote the improvement of technologies accessible to citizens;
  • Encourage entrepreneurship in the health sector;
  • Encourage innovation systems to benefit the state economy;
  • Attract strategic investments for the State of Rio Grande do Sul.